our Manifesto

We're obsessed with discovering the next big thing

Those who adhere to backward-looking benchmarks are not concerned about the future. They are about what has worked in the past. We’re only interested in what will work next.

Billionaires use astrology, millionaires don't. — JP Morgan

We are entering The Aquarius Age. Never in the history of mankind has there been such a great opportunity of wealth transfer. As we shift from paper to digital standard, we re also witnessing technological abundance with the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Old ways — wont open new doors

Unlike traditional investors who prefer benchmarks and passive strategies for safety, Blackwater takes a different approach. We think this old way doesn't work well anymore because innovation is shaking things up, and the risks of sticking to tradition are getting higher. We aim to invest as fast as innovation happens. Our goal is to create a strong and meaningful community that spans the globe, dedicated to turning the current financial system into a decentralized one.