the Roundtable

We are here to build generational wealth

Wealth is never destroyed, its merely transferred. That’s mean on every opposite side of a crisis there is an opportunity.

Our objective

We make private asset classes, previously reserved for the wealthy, available to our investors. We provide fairer investment opportunities to a wider audience than was previously available in this exclusive market.

Our portfolio management

We identify innovative assets, companies, and unparalleled market opportunities using top-down and bottom-up research. We analyse the market from a macro and micro perspective to find investment opportunities that meet our strategic goals.

Our investment journey

We’ll start with the Genesis phase, where we use publicly available investments to grow our seed capital. Following the New Testament phase, we will diversify our multiplied initial investment into disruptive future innovations. We invest in companies that expect to lead, enable, and benefit from disruptive innovation across market capitalizations, sectors, and geographies. We aim to deliver long-term growth with a low correlation to traditional investment strategies in various vehicles.